Get RID® of Lice in 3 Simple Steps!

RID®Lice Treatment Complete Kit

  • RID® Lice Killing Shampoo is effective in killing lice
  • Patented RID Lice Comb is effective at removing lice eggs†
  • RID® Lice & Egg Comb-Out Spray helps facilitate lice and egg removal
  • RID® Home Lice, Bedbug & Dust Mite Spray kills lice and eggs on unwashable items
  • RID Lice Killing Shampoo and RID Home Lice, Bedbug & Dust Mite Spray may be purchased separately

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  • † As demonstrated in laboratory study performed by trained testers.
  • * Live consultants available 9am-8pm
  • Nix is a registered trademark of Insight Pharmaceuticals

RID® step-by-step lice elimination instructions in English and Spanish.

Learn more about each step of the RID® Lice Treatment process

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